Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Country Music Crawler?

It is a pedal and electric assist operated beer bike that substitutes as a mobile pub. You Pedal, Party, Drink and even Eat your way through Downtown Nashville. More specifically known as a Pub Crawler! Call it what you like, Pedal Bar, Party Bike, Pedal Pub, Beer Bike and Bar Cycle, we all call it "Fun"

Where are you located?

Our office is at 802 4th Ave. S.
***We pick up on 2nd Avenue at the Headquarters, Beercade, across from Joe's Crab Shack
Address: 114 2nd Ave South, Nashville, Tn

***(Please Note: ONLY In the event that Broadway and other major downtown avenues are closed for special events, your pick up point will be change and you will be notified. Please provide a phone number to be reached.

How many people can ride at one time?

The Country Music Crawler holds up to 15 people. We are also the only company in Nashville that does not require a minumum numbers of riders. We also welcome walk-ups who may purchase any vacant seats from the start point.

Who operates the Crawler?

Our pedal tavern is operated by a certified driver for your safety. And we are the only Pedal Bar in Nashville with chair backs!

How do I book a tour?

You may call 615-674-8844 or book online to reserve your seat on our website.
We highly recommend that you book well in advance for your trip to Nashville, the Pedal Bar is very popular in Nashville and books up very quickly. However, you can book in person or join a tour that is not full. It is first come, first serve!

How old do you have to be to ride?

You must be 21 years old with a valid ID.

How long is The Country Music Tour?

Each tour is qpproximately 1 1/2 to 1:45 minutes, each rider will be ID and recieve a wrist and sign the waiver before we get started. Also the tour time depends on how long your group decides to stay in a bar, downtown traffic and road closures.

How much does it cost?

It is $30.00 per person. WE also have specials, so remember to check the website for promotions and codes before booking! Veterans and Guest of Honor always ride FREE! ***

What should I wear?

No dress code is required, but we suggest you wear something comfortable as you will be pedaling a bike.

What time should I arrive for my tour?

We highly recommend that everyone in the party arrive 10 minutes prior to your departure time.
We must check all IDs and have all riders sign the waiver form before we depart.

What can I bring on the Crawler?

The Crawler is BYOB, we supply the music, cooler, cups, ice and a great time.
We do have storage for purses and such. PLEASE NO GLASS CONTAINERS!

What happens if I need to cancel?

Our cancellation policy or change to your reservation is:
10 days prior to reservation= full refund and option to reschedule
less than 10 days prior to reservation= 50% refund and option to reschedule.
Cancellations and NO shows on day of booking= no refund/ may reschedule.

****If we call and cancel due to inclement weather conditions, you will recieve 100% refund and have the option to reschedule. We will gladly reschedule your tour anytime. Inclement weather is in the area, heavy rains and road closures due to snow. *****WE do provide ponchos, while supplies last.

REFUNDS: All refunds are processed on Monday of each week, expect your refund to post in 3-4 business days.

Do you take reservations for special occasions?

Absolutely! Just call ahead, weekends and holidays book up fast.

Can I decorate The Country Music Crawler?

Yes of course we love decorations and are glad to help with any special occasion!

Do Veterans Ride Free?

Yes, Veterans ride Free, must provide a valid ID at check in. This is for the veteran only.

Where does The Country Music Crawler take us?

The Country Music Crawler has the connections in Nashville to ensure you have the best time ever! We travel around the heart of downtown making stops at some of the #1 rated Honky Tonks on broadway! Which also includes drink specials at each location just for YOU!